Sports Program

When students are physically fit, they will achieve more academically. Sport develops a sense of friendliness among the children and develop their team spirit. It helps children to develop mental and physical toughness. This is because sports improve their blood circulation and their physical well-being. We have a Many Sports events conducted at St. Mary’s to develop a true sense of sportsmanship.

Security 24x7

In order to ensure security coverage in & around our campus, Closed Circuit Cameras have been installed at vantage locations. In addition to this we also have trained security personnel taking care of the security at our campus. Also provide first aid support for kids and teachers when they fall sick and hurt during games and class hours.

Transportation Facility

Safe and comfortable transportation in air-conditioned buses is provided by the School. It is mandatory for all children (Class I upwards) to use School transport. Children are picked up and dropped at fixed points within 500 metre radius of their residences. Children and educators travel together. Each bus has fire prevention equipment, first aid and an attendant as precautionary measures. We take every measure possible to ensure that the children travel to and from school every day in a comfortable manner.